There is always a time where a person will feel alone and removed from everyone around them.

However, Delilah explains that you are never alone no matter what kind of battle you may be fighting.

Unfortunately, there are no magic words I can say to fix the problems of life, I wish there were. There are no songs I can play that will be anything more than a 3-minute bandage on a broken heart.

The one thing I can do is reach out to you today and remind you that you're not alone. You are never alone - no matter what battle you are fighting today. Whether it's cancer or the loss of a child or divorce or something else that has broken your spirit, you need to know you can do this. Your life will go on and you will be strong and more equipped than ever before.

I can't solve all of life's problems but I can encourage you this evening, so please tune in and let me play some songs to put your mind at ease. I'll be playing and praying for you - playing the songs that speak to your heart and praying any broken pieces will be mended.

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post