When you lose a loved one, especially your significant other, it's hard to move on.

In the case of a loyal listener of Delilah, Bruce found strength to move on and fall in love all over again.

Dear Delilah,

Tonight is the one year anniversary of my meeting Kay. I was very hesitant about letting another woman into my life after losing the love of my life when God took her home. I am not the type of person that wants to feel the best in life is behind me, but I just wasn't sure I could move on without always feeling like my best love was in the past.

I took a few years to make sure I knew what made that marriage work so wonderfully. To think about what I could improve on if another woman ever did get close enough for me to love again. I found a woman that loves me like that, and that I love in a way that is just as refreshing as a new day dawning. With Kay I feel the best is yet to come!


How would YOU handle finding new love after the passing of the one who you thought was your one and only true love? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post