Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival Sets Date
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Parks Conservancy along with the Buffalo History Museum, Friends of the Japanese Garden and Music is Art. bring to you the 6th annual Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival May 1 to May 5 from 5 to 8 PM each day.
The Wednesday will be 5-8PM and the festival's weekend on Saturday, …
Pothole Saves Mans Life After Ambulance Crushes It
Maybe we should not fill ALL of the potholes around Buffalo. We know how bad some of them can get, but one actually saved one man's life.
He was on his way to the hospital and after the ambulance hit a pothole, it brought him back to normal...
The Worst Jobs In America
This may make you feel better about your job. Someone, somewhere probably on a Monday decided they wanted to compile a list of the worst jobs in America.
Can't Afford A Vacation? Fake One
You can't afford a vacation, but all your friends seem to be doing it. Your chances of winning the lottery are slim, but what are you going to tell your Instagram followers?

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