BREAKING: No UB Sports Happening This Fall
Per an apparently unanimous decision on the part of the teams in the conference, the MAC (Mid-American Conference) has decided to forgo the 2020 fall season for all sports--which of course includes the University at Buffalo.
People Are Boiling Wooden Spoons And We're Totally Grossed Out
I've cursed my white countertops from here to Nebraska, but they do force me into being a very clean person with a very clean kitchen. I'm also happy to report there are no wooden spoons in my kitchen.

Because y'all, have you seen what happens when you boil them?
NY Attorney General Sues To Dissolve NRA
In a story just aired on WIVB-TV...New York’s attorney general sued the National Rifle Association on Thursday, seeking to put the powerful organization out of business over allegations that high-ranking executives diverted millions of dollars for lavish personal trips, no-show contracts for …

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