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Right Now It’s OK To Not Be OK
So if you feel sad, it's OK. If you aren't feeling up to neighborhood scavenger hunts or cutsey homeschool schedules, it's fine.
In our hurry to reach this "new normal" we left out space to grieve.
Tops Markets Takes Proactive Steps To Protect Workers
Area Supermarkets including Tops Markets announced Thursday that they will begin additional safety measures at all their stores.
The safety measures include installing Plexiglas shields on many front-end registers and giving associates protective face masks where the Plexiglas can’t b…
Social Distancing “Joe Chille Style”
One of the worst things about this pandemic for me is not being able to see family members. I have have been 'social distancing' for two weeks. In an Italian, close-knit family like mine that is really tough.

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