Being patient is a trait that needs to be learned rather than already being engraved in our minds.

It takes time to conquer an impatient mindset, Delilah explains.

I have had to learn patience with such a busy schedule and bustling lifestyle. And I use learn because patience is not something I inherited. It's not a trait many of us were gifted at birth. And over time, with the exceedingly busyness of life, we get more impatient as we age. It's like we have to fit it all in because our clock is running down and we've still got much to do - in our day, in the year, in the rest of our lifetime. So we get impatient with people and processes when things don't go our way. Then we get bitter -- which is not a place where anyone should stay.

It's good to plan how things should go, but try to have patience when things don't go as planned. Set that advice on repeat in your head today. And when you're making your plan, don't over-plan. Find balance. Learn to let the little things go. Let your house be cluttered another day. Let that car merge in front of you and get ahead without losing your head. Allow the person in front of you to pay with cash, or heaven forbid, hand-write a check without piercing them with imaginary darts from your eyeballs.

Don't get so caught up in perfection that you lose sight of what you have and what you've accomplished and what opportunities lay ahead for you. Find a good balance of obligations, practice patience, and you'll get a little further along in that attitude refinement process we discussed earlier.

Tune in tonight so I can help balance out your evening and encourage you to slow down for a much-needed break. Until then...

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post