At the start of the new year, I made a resolution to lose weight. Lots of people do -- it's a common goal -- and it's also a tough one to follow through on.


What makes it easier is having some guidance and support. And while Tony wasn't much help (like that time he made me smell pizza while going through my detox week), I had an enormous amount of help from Spa 400 at Invision Heath's clinically supervised weight loss program.


Under the supervision of a nutrition coach and nurse practitioner, Invision Health developed an individualized program for me, based off of results of blood work and other lab work, which identified my specific nutritional deficiencies/needs and thyroid and hormone levels. I also hit the gym 4-6 times per week, focusing on HIIT workouts and weight lifting, even bringing Tony with me to a few workouts at the Transformation Center by Body & Soul Fitness, and Orangetheory Fitness.


So...time for the results! In the 12-week program, I lost a total of 25.6 pounds, 9.25 inches overall, and lost almost 10% body fat. In the last two weeks since I ended the program, I've continued to lose -- and now my totals since January 1st -- an amazing 30.4 pounds lost, and 10.7% body fat lost!


Invision Health's program helped me get some great results, but also the momentum to work toward sustainable weight loss and maintenance of my results. It wasn't easy, but the best things in life rarely are easily achieved!


Check out my week 1 - week 6 - week 12 photos here:

Front view: week 1, week 6, week 12
Side view: week 1, week 6, week 12