Sure, it's a made-up holiday, but it's got to do with food and slacking off at work. Who are we to judge?

Today is National Make Lunch Count Day.  If you can count on one hand how many lunch-hours you've actually taken in the last few years, first, join the club, and second, listen up!

TGIFriday's recent study showed most of us suffer from "FOLO" -- Fear of Lunching Out. A huge majority of us eat lunch at our desk at least twice a week...that's called "dining al desko".


Today is the day you're supposed to remedy your FOLO and break the cycle...get away from your desk, leave the office, and have a real lunch with engaging conversation.


Maybe lunch will taste even better today. It's my contention that certain things just taste better under certain circumstances.

Examples? Glad you asked.

  • cheese that's stuck to the wrapper of a cheeseburger tastes AMAZING
  • the last few milliliters of bleu cheese in the cup at a restaurant? The BEST.
  • Mighty Taco queso dip? Line up shots of it.
  • peanuts at a Bisons game. They just taste....peanuttier.
  • mom's food. Even if you use the EXACT recipe, it always tastes better when mom makes it.

What else just tastes better...based on circumstance?  Go!

While you're at it, where's the best place to lunch on a lunch hour in Buffalo?  Here are some ideas to get you started!