Joe and Cheryl asked the Joy FM Facebook fans what they did with their wedding dress after they got married. We couldn't post all of the comments but here are a few of them.

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Cindy Piccirilli
Mine was professionally cleaned and placed in a special box by the dry cleaners to preserve it to keep it looking fresh and brand new. My dress and veil was very expensive and maybe someone in the family will wear in the future.

Karen Goodwill Messing
Well my first marriage ended in i threw it out. That thing was Second time around i wore jeans and a nice top...things are great!! Still wear the jeans.

Virginia Harris
I have mine in a box in the basement and try it on every year on our anniversary to see if it still fits! Except the three years that I was pregnant or just had had a baby, it has! Yay! 13 years and more in love than ever!

Heather Adams-Sabadasz
I was married on June 9, 2007...Just last summer I had it boxed and preserved...before that I would actually put on my dress on our anniversary! I know I might be crazy but I really really was in love with my dress...the only reason I boxed it up was because I was pregnant last summer...I couldn't fit into it anymore so I thought it was time!!!

Kim Hoffmann
Brought it to my Xmas white elephant exchange yrs ago. They still talk about how funny it was to this day!! LOL

Betty Tryjankowski
Mine sat in a large white bag for years, until one day my teenage daughter wanted to try it on. It made me cry to see her in my dress. It's back sitting in the back now.