Wedding dresses are so pricey, it's a shame they're worn for one day and put away!  So, Joe and I asked listeners this morning what they did or will someday do with their wedding dress - after the big day?  You might be surprised at some of the responses we got...

We got lots of calls and posts on facebook from folks who either had the dress professionally boxed or vacuum sealed to preserve it for the future when they someday may want to share it with someone else.  There were those who hung the dress in the closet as well, many trying it on each year on their anniversary.

On facebook, Karen Goodwill Messing commented, "Well my first marriage ended in i threw it out. That thing was Second time around i wore jeans and a nice top...things are great!! Still wear the jeans :)"

Then there was the lady who called in to say that after 38 years of marriage, she got rid of her "cheat'n husband", "sold the house" and "threw the dress in the incinerator."  She said things didn't work out the way she had dreamed of, but it was all good now.

Another called said she paid about $300 for her dress, and after the wedding - she wore it on Halloween.  She dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein and won $100 in a costume contest.  Thankfully, she's still married! 

Many facebook posts and callers say the dress will be used to make christening outfits or communion dresses for their children.  I love that idea... wish I had thought of it!  Mine is boxed, waiting for someday... well, who knows what I am waiting for... maybe I'll try it on, or my daughter...  or maybe we could use it to cover the kitchen seat cushions? 

So what did you do with your dress -- or what will you do with your dress?  Feel free to blog below... or post on facebook.!/961JoyFM