Yes, ladies, it's not pretty, but it is a reality that at some point on your wedding day, you will have to use the bathroom in that big, beautiful, white wedding dress.

I've been a maid of honor and a bridesmaid many times, and helping the bride in the bathroom is one of the unwritten duties you have to perform. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are planning your wedding and on the day of in reference to a trip to the restroom!

The Venue

Before the wedding, check out the bathroom and stalls. See if there is sufficient room for you and your dress. Ask if there is a suite or special bathroom area for the wedding party.

Check the ladies' room floors where your guest and you will be (not just the small stalls, but the handicap stall as well). If the floors aren't clean, ask the staff at the venue to clean them on the day of the ceremony. Your dress will thank you!

The Process

1.) Remove undergarments. Just pulling them down won't work.

2.) Pull the front of your dress up to the waist. Your train and the back of the dress will be in the front part of the toilet.

3.) Walk forward straddling the toilet and sit down on the seat. Yes, you are sitting on the toilet backwards, but trust that this is the easier way to do this! When you pee, lean forward. This will ensure the front and the back of the dress stay clean.

Keep in Mind

For the people out there like me who are grossed out at the thought of having to sit on a public toilet seat: Have some wipes handy in the bathroom to clean off the seat. You will have to sit on the seat -- there really isn't another choice. Sorry!

If you have hoop skirts/crinolines, make sure you get all of that pulled up along with the dress. The hoops are pretty tricky, so read the below link for all the tips.

Have a bridesmaids or two around -- they could come in handy!