The Proper Way To Fall On Ice
With the recurring ice storms we have been experiencing this Winter I thought it timely to investigate the proper way to fall on we have a choice.
What Do You Do When You Get Sick?
It's amazing that getting sick for some people immediately transforms them to children.
According to a new survey, 12% of adults say when they get sick, they still CALL THEIR MOM for comfort, advice, or both.
Other results of the survey from PR Newswire are less surprising...
Buffalo Wind And Your Skin, 6 Anti-Aging Tips
With our Buffalo wind-chills, and expectations of high winds over the next few days, what the heck do we do to protect our skin?
Found a bunch of tips from a health site called Our Everyday Life. 
1) Use a moisturizer, even those with sunscreen, my mom swears by Vaseline and they did in the …

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