Yeah, you are probably from Buffalo if:

You Know You're From Buffalo When:

Bingo night is sacred.
Bowling night is sacred.
You use the word "the" before the number of an expressway: "the 290," "the 190".
You refer to "Ralph Wilson Stadium" as "Rich Stadium".
You converted your garage into a screened porch.
You went to high school with a Goo Goo Doll.
You think sitting in traffic for more than 10 minutes is congestion.
You have at least one friend or relative that now lives in North Carolina.
You haven't heard that smoking is bad for your health.
Your pool is an above ground pool.
Your father used to buy his car's without Air Conditioning.
You actually think Buffalo is a big city.
You think your car's muffler does not need to be fixed until it falls off.
Easter means a trip to the Broadway Market.
Your vowels are flat and your stomach isn't!
40 degrees is finally warming up.
Your drive to work always smells like Cheerios.
You can properly pronounce Scajaquada.
You're sitting at a corner bar with someones grandmother.
You have a heat advisory in the afternoon and a frost advisory that night.
You have drank loganberry and ate sponge candy.
You know the best wings are not from the Anchor Bar.
Four people will stop to help one person change a tire.
During Lent whether Catholic or not you have to have a Fish Fry at the corner tavern every Friday.
You're on unemployment and can barely make ends meet but you'll donate money for Roswell Park.
You approach an icy patch of road while driving and tell your passenger, "Hey, hold my beer and watch this!"
You think the four seasons are: Almost Winter, winter, More Winter and Road Construction.
You take your car off the road in the winter months and use your snowmobile for daily transportation.
You know you're from Buffalo when you think 4am is a reasonable time to be heading home from the bar.