Great Lakes water levels continue to rise and may reach record highs this season. Nowhere in Western New York is this more apparent than to the residents of Lake Ontario.

According to NOAA:

Over the last few years, the Great Lakes have registered high water levels, reflecting wetter than average conditions in the region. In the spring of 2017, Lake Ontario broke its record high water level due to large amounts of precipitation and runoff, which, along with very high flows in the Ottawa River, helped lead to widespread flooding along the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River system. Though the Great Lakes experience seasonal cycles and extended periods of low or high water levels, scientists don’t point to the current high water level periods as evidence of a longer-term trend.


Great Lakes water levels have a significant impact on Great Lakes residents. Because of this month’s forecast, residents should prepare for an increased risk of erosion and minor flooding during storm events.

Olcott Beach is closed for the season due to the high waters.