Nobody wants to think their bf, SO, or spouse is a liar. But any woman reading this has seen it - from a friend, a relative, in her past or her present. Janine Driver, who's written a book on the subject [You Can't Lie To Me], says use of a few words or phrases might be enough to alert you to the lies.

Understand, this isn't about the small innocent fibs that everyone tells from time to time. These are the lies that come up when he's trying to cover up something he shouldn't have done. Here are a few of Driver's words to watch for:

Never, especially when the word "no" would do. For instance, if you ask him, "Are you checking that girl out?", and he says, "Never!", he may be over compensating;

"By the way..." Liars use this phrase to minimize something very important. For example, he might say, "Oh, by the way, I totalled the car.";

"Yes ma'am". If he's an old-school gentleman, don't be concerned. But anybody else who says that may be feeling stressed by the conversation's direction, or feel that somehow, he's in trouble;or,

That. If he uses "that" as part of a phrase like "that woman", or "that money', it may be a subconscious attempt to distance himself from the subject being talked about..

Does your man use these words or phrases? Have you ever caught him in a lie [little white lies don't count]? Has he ever caught you? Tell us the story, here or on our Facebook page.

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