So here it is, the last of our Top 5 Gift Lists!  It is only fitting that the last list is for last minute gifts.  I think we are all in the same boat trying to find that perfect gift just as time expires.  This kind of shopping often comes at a price, but don't worry, next year you will be on time!


Val Townsend & Tony P's Top 5 for Last Minute Gifts:

1. Gift Cards - This is obvious, but whether you buy on time or last minute, gift cards still rule the day.  The only knock against them is that they are somewhat impersonal, but it's not even really a knock...more like a light tap.  Gift card away!


2. A Subscription for Wine/Food/etc of the Month - This is a quick gift you can take care of last minute from the comfort of your home, and still look like a champ!  Only key is to know your audience, but I doubt many people will complain when wine shows up at their door!


3. Dinner/meal - This is when you have absolutely no ideas and no more time (and you even forgot about gift cards), you take the Giftee out to dinner.  Now this can obviously range in price, so know what you are getting into if you choose this route!  I want Lobster!


4. Latest Movie on DVD/Blu-Ray - Get a new movie that you know they won't have, or get one of the classic Christmas movies on Blu-Ray.  Don't worry, if they don't like movies you can just get them a gift card - that's why the list is 5!  Also, if they don't like movies why do you associate with this person anyway.  Might be time to cut them off and start the New Year fresh!


5. Gift Basket - Hit the Mall kiosks or order online if you still can and get a gift basket of some sort.  Whether it's cheese and meats, or popcorn, chocolate and candy, a gift basket is a great last minute item to grab.

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