Lockport Hospital Now Offers Drive-Up Urgent Care
Lockport’s Eastern Niagara Hospital is introducing its new “Drive-Up Urgent Care,” located at the hospital’s Express Care facility at 5875 S. Transit Rd. We've seen things like this in harder-hit areas of New York State, but this is new for Western New York.
This Lady in Lockport Is Getting Drilled On Facebook For Letting
Would you ever dare to do it? This woman in Lockport is in a situation and EVERYONE was chiming in on Facebook.
You have a family of four: you, your husband and your two teenage girls--but, he left you years ago for his mistress.
Plot twist: he comes over often for dinner and even spends the night on …
Top 3 Things to Do in Lockport, NY
Hello, Lockport!  A historic Western New York town well-known for the Erie Canal that runs through it.  This week we look at the top three things to do around the town according to Trip Advisor, including commentary with very pleased visitors...

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