See All The Pot Holes Rob Filled Around Buffalo!
The potholes around Buffalo are bad.
This year seems worse than ever and I've been trying to do this for a few years now--but, we've finally been able to get out and see the Worst Pothole Towns around WNY BEFORE they all got filled in.
So, we took some trips as the snow began to thaw out and…
Dueling Piano Night On Friday Is A Riot!
This was a riot last time and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get tickets at the door because it was so popular. We got our tickets just in time for the March session of this, but these two guys take over the loft of New York Beer Project and they turn the place into a giant sing-a-long...
Top Bars in Upstate New York, Many from WNY!
NYup.com released a list of "Upstate NY's top-ranked bars in its 50 largest cities and towns" Many to make the list were bars right here in western New York.
Here are the bars around us that were on the list!
#50 Lancaster - Green Buffalo Pub
#44 Fredonia - Ellicottvi…
Moley Is Growing!
It always good news when talking about local companies growing. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently told us that Moley Magnetics of Lockport is creating 41 new jobs and keeping 19 jobs at their facility. Moley Magnetics Incorporated is a manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty commercial construction …
Lockport Listener SAVES $$$! [AUDIO]
On the heels of our piece about how you're probably wasting tons of money every day, I received a text from a Lockport woman named Jessica who claimed to have saved about $8,000 since June 2015, by just using coupons!
Now from someone who wants to hang the Target receipt on her fridge when she s…
Beyonce Drummer fr Lockport! [VIDEOS]
The pylon cameras used in Sunday's game weren't the only WNY connection!
Venzella "Joy" Williams is a Lockport native who's played drums since she was a little girl.
And you got to hear her stylings last night during Beyonce's portion of the halftime show...
Lightning in Lockport! [VIDEO]
So there I was enjoying "Vacation" at the Transit Drive-In last night when some CRAZY lightning arrived.  This video captures a few excellent bolts before my battery stalls out and I had to have one workers jumpstart the car.

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