New Car Shoveling App Debuts in Buffalo, NY
This is genius!
There is a Buffalo called the Yeti shoveling app and the app will send someone to wherever you are to shovel out your car whether it's in your driveway, the street or maybe you're stuck somewhere.
If you are sick of holding a shovel, or maybe you need some extra hands, this i…
Buffalo Parking App Is Up And Running
Buffalo, you're free to Roam...and to pay for your parking with the touch of a button!
Buffalo Roam was in the works since 2015, and yesterday Mayor Byron Brown just announced that it's up and running, ready for download.
You pay for parking right from your smartphone, and even receive alert…
Best Sleep Formula + A Cool App I Use
If you work wacky hours like I do (my alarm goes off at 3:30am), this is what's known as the BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR.
Daylight Saving Time this weekend means we "fall back" and GAIN an hour of sleep. To me, that's better than winning the lottery...
Brilliant "Mom" App
If your kids are old enough to speak, they've probably already asked you for a cell phone.
And if they're wise enough, they use the whole "I can call you so you know I'm safe" line to get you to buy it.
And once you fell for that one, you may have quickly realized that…
New App Fixes Parking Tickets
Even when it's totally unfair, when you get a parking ticket, you probably just pay it right? Mainly because it's just a huge hassle to fight it, and you'll probably lose anyway.
Enter: technology.
A new app called Fixed does some of the hassle-work for you...

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