Taylor Swift has taken over the music world and now she is lining up to control everything else.  Taylor is launching 'The Swift Life', which will be an all encompassing app that will be a home base for all of the 'Swiftie's' (Taylor Swift fans).


Short of buying the NFL, this is the other major step to take in her illustrious career.  A 24/7 inside and accessible look into the life of Taylor.  I'm exhausted just typing this, I can't imagine what she will have to do to keep this app up to date and interesting!  I know she has people for that, but won't that make it less personal?

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images

I feel like we already have a social media world that includes Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram.  If every star decides to get their own app, we will all run out of space real quick.  Except for me because I have the new iPhone 8 with 256 GB's of space - Bring it on Taylor!!


This sounds like a cool app and she is definitely big enough to make it worth it.  I'm a 40 year old man and I can't get enough Taylor Swift so I can only imagine what the 'Swifties' are feeling right now.


Word on the street is that the app will feature 50 Taymojis that include a smiley face, and 49 different broken hearts - ZING!!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  The app is due to be released in late 2017, other wise known as right now.