Since moving to New York State last August, I've taken over 4,000 pictures of my new love--Buffalo.  It's been quite a heady love affair, just can't get enough of the city's quirky, historical mix.  I just can't stop taking photos of buildings, happenings, yummy foods, and of course the down-to-earth people.  This is true love!  :)  I think it started with my first glimpse across  the skyway at night.  I saw Buffalo's City Hall, in all its splendid Art Deco and I was hooked.    

In fact, both of my daughters, Joelle and Jacqueline feel the same.  Joelle thinks there is something in the water, because we are truly bewitched.  I hail from Madison, Wisconsin, no slouch as far as cities go. But Buffalo is just (don't tell anyone back home) better.  Where else can you just happen upon  the oldest tree in Buffalo and joyously hug it?

Joelle and Jacqueline, and our golden Xena

One thing for sure is that if you love taking pictures and exploring, then this city will never fail you. Canalside, Delaware Park, Hoyt Lake.  Here's a link to a fellow Buffalover's Pinterest page.  Looks like my daughters and I aren't the only ones in true love.