Yesterday, I heard Val and Tony play Michael Jackson's "Bad" on Mix 96.  How do you NOT move to that song?  Well, I was soon putting in my best mid 80s moves, and of course shouting "Cuz, I am Badd, Badd", while my Golden Retriever, Xena Barked and hopped around me.  Both of us, my dog and I, were really into it.  Then coming out of one of my best spins, I soon felt the eyes of three teens upon me.  My daughters thought it was funny, I think?  Well, maybe not, ooops! Embarrassing our children is one of the best perks of being a parent.

Well sometimes a mom gets it right, like in this story.  Mom and daughter arrive on campus for an orientation day. While the daughter is busy learning the ins and outs of a Texas University, mom is making some rather young healthy friends.  By day's end, this mom has become a twitter sensation.  How fun is this story?


This mom is my hero.  Soooo, the lesson learned?  Take those selfies at ArtPark, Canalside, or Buffalo Zoo (just be sure to add a fun look-at-me quip) and embarrass your children!