There's SO much to offer in Buffalo in the summer, from bars/restaurants to our beach life to Canalside, fairs, lawn fetes, and everything in between.

Since you've probably done MORE this summer than ever before, you may actually be looking forward to Labor Day...but not for the day off.

ThinkStock / Laura Daniels

So to you, is Labor Day the sad ending of summer...or the happy beginning of fall? A small survey asked about this...and we also weighed out pros and cons this morning.

PRO:  Hoodies and cozy stuff
CON: Spiders

PRO: Kids are back on schedules
CON: Kids are back on CRAZY schedules

PRO: Kids go back to school
CON: It's EXPENSIVE to go back to school

CON: football.

PRO: Snuggling!
CON: homework

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the crisp, autumn air and PSL's?  Or are you dreading the ending of warm, fun in the sun?

Are you excited about the kids heading back to school so they're out of your hair a little more?  Or are you sad to not have as much free time with them anymore?