Experts say the most stressful number of kids to have is three...but is that actually the case?  Listen to one Mom's story:

 I found the most challenging number of kids to have was one. That's right; going from no kids to one child rocked my world ...

Before I was a mom, my life was all about, well, me. Then, my first daughter was born. My life was not remotely about me for another second from that day forward.

The days of "exclusively you" are over, but what replaces could be even better. You have a "mini you" someone else to think, care, and revolve your life around.

Then, I got pregnant with baby #2. Friends warned that the transition from one child to two would be brutal! I prepared myself for the worst. But there was a major difference in welcoming our second daughter versus when our first was born: I already had no life of my own, so my expectations for having any "me" time weren't high.

When your child gets old enough to play with their sibling things may seem easier. Is the comment "once you're outnumbered by your kids, things get out of control" actually true?

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