If you or someone you know went to SUNY Geneseo or live(d) in the area, you know Bear Fountain.

Sad news to report...it stands no more.


Early this morning, a tractor trailer hit the iconic fountain, and knocked the entire thing off its foundation. No injuries (of the human kind) were reported.


Initial reports are indicating simple "operator error".

Whether you call it "the bear in the square", "the bear fountain", "the bronze bear" or anything else it's affectionately known as, Geneseoans (??) hold it in high regard.

The official name is the Emmeline Austin Wadsworth Fountain.  It was commissioned in the mid 1880s as a memorial to the mother of Herbert and William Austin Wadsworth.

For now, the sweet lil' gal ended up in the bottom of the "well" below the foundation of her former pedestal.

Geneseo folks are (understandably) upset about this incident, as it's so very iconic to the sweet city.

What iconic Buffalo landmark would cause similar feelings?

Shark girl?  David? Niagara Square?