The first thing you do when visiting someone's home says a lot about you take your shoes off, or do you ask for their WiFi password? It had better not be the latter.

When asked...

Over a quarter of people said it's impolite to ask for their WiFi password.

And if you are going to ask for their password wait at least 30 minutes after you arrive and don't be surprised if they don't provide it.

Here are some other rules to follow when visiting someone:

  • take your shoes off at the door and be sure to wear socks
  • wash your hands before dinner
  • no phones at the dinner table
  • don't feel you can just wander anywhere in the house
  • no swearing, especially if they have children

“As is courtesy when visiting someone else’s home, you should be mindful and always respect their rules to avoid any awkward situations.”

(i News)