On Sunday, a couple had to be rescued after their boat's engine died and they drifted dangerously close to Niagara Falls.

Thankfully, everyone was ok.  And earlier this week, we started to wonder -- have you ever had to be rescued from a rather interesting predicament?

One listener tried out the zipline in Ellicottville, but it didn't go so well -- as she came down the final stretch, she simply stopped "zipping", and was dangling from the line, about 30 feet in the air.  She had to wait for staff to bring equipment to get her down, horribly embarrassed as folks gathered around and started taking pictures!

My friend Chris Kreiger and his girlfriend were taking their new jetski out for a spin this weekend, when it started taking on water...before they knew it, they were both bobbing like corks in the middle of the Buffalo River, waving their hands for help as boats and other vessels sped by....finally a yacht stopped and towed them back to safety (turns out, Chris hadn't put the plugs in the bottom of the jetski before they went out...

Another woman made a desperate plea to her sister after she got tangled up and stuck in a SPORTS BRA! (Lets face it, they're not exactly designed for ease....somewhere between acrobatics and contortionism, it IS possible to get in/out without assistance. But if you're sweaty, forget it!)

This happened somewhere in Russia, and while we're not sure what happened (looking for Pokemon, anyone?) her friends certainly had a BLAST laughing at her while they tried to CHOP HER OUT!

Have YOU ever had to be rescued from an embarrassing situation?

What happened?  Is it something you laugh about now?