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Things That Can Cause A Vacation Disaster
Things that are known to either ruin or put a serious dent in your vacation plans; a cold or the flu, missing a flight...traffic jams...and those are just a few I have either heard about or personally dealt with.
Passes For Lifetime Pasta At Olive Garden
Do you remember the promotion Olive Garden has been running once a year where they sell the "Never Ending Pasta Pass" . . . you pay $100 and get unlimited pasta, salad, and breadsticks for nine weeks?
Well if you liked that, you're going to LOVE this.
Who's In Charge At Home...Mom Or Dad?
When it comes to who's in charge at home when it come to the is usually a shared responsibility. But apparently dads are the ‘pushover’ at home,except when it comes to disciplining for ‘bad’ behavior, a study has found.

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