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You Won't Believe This Kids Soccer Moves
If you ever played soccer or just kicked the ball around with the kid in your life, check out this video that's gone viral.
Its of an 11-year-old London boy in London displaying some fancy footwork.
Now this kid, Ramell Carter keeps dribbling the ball on a treadmill …
Women Who Sleep With Dogs Get Better Sleep
There are two camps of dog people, one that under no condition will they let their dogs up on the bed; and then those, like me who invite their dog on up.
Yes, they move, snore, and scratch, but guess what?  A recent study out of Connecticut shows that women who invite Fido to snuggle, actu…
UB Women's Team Are Setting Records
So exciting to have Buffalo teams headed to the 'Big Dance.'  The University of Buffalo women's team have now joined the men.  What fun!
The women's team play No. 7 Rutgers on Friday in Storrs, Connecticut, as the 10th seed.
Just for fun, here is that at the buzzer w…
Unwritten Rules You Should Be Following
There are some unwritten rules everyone should follow.  What are they? Oh so you're  the culprit.
How about when you return someone's car, put gas in it, or leaving shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, how about chewing gum with your mouth closed...
So You Want To Go To The Big Dance?
Pretty exciting to have a winning team in Buffalo.  Yep, the University at Buffalo men's basketball team is headed to the NCAA tournament, the 'Big Dance.'
According to Channel 2 news,
As the 6 seed in the West Region, the Bulls will play either Arizona State, or St...
Peggy Whitson Sets Record For Most Days In Space
Talk about no weekends, Peggy Whitson has spent more days in space than any other American.   Get this 665 days on the job with no vacation!
This is the news today from a great website for the kids in your life NBC kids.
Here are some other stats on Peggy:
1)  Peggy Whitson was the …
Tactics Parents Use To Get Kids To Behave
What kinds of things did your parents tell you to get you to behave and more importantly what have you passed on to your kids.
Some of the comments from BuzzFeed were hysterical and included:

 A persons mom told them that when the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant they were OUT of ice c…

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