You may have heard...there's kind of a big election coming on Tuesday.

Actually, one of the most hotly-contested and watched political seasons in U.S. history has lots of us concerned, for lots of reasons.

And one Buffalo woman wants to stop the election, altogether.

62-year-old Louise Nolley filed a lawsuit in federal court in Buffalo this week, requesting the election to be postponed until more "worthy" candidates enter the race.  Nolley isn't happy with either candidate, a sentiment that seems to be echoed across the country.  So she'd rather see President Obama be persuaded to remain in office until more candidates are drafted, possibly for a full 3rd term.

Of course, doing so would be a violation of the 22nd Amendment that limits presidents to two terms.  So that won't be happening, lawsuit or not.


Nolley's personal history with drugs and law enforcement is fueling her lawsuit.  As a recovering heroin addict with many arrests and a prison record, she hasn't been able to vote in a presidential election, ever.

She says since its the first time she can vote, she wanted it to mean more. While she was in prison, she gained paralegal skills, and says while she thought about it for a while, she was waiting for the "OK" from God to move forward with filing the suit.

Should the lawsuit fail, Nolley promises not to vote for either candidate, but she will still vote on the down ballot races.