A psychological thriller, "A Mother's Revenge" was filmed entirely in Buffalo and Niagara Falls and will air on the Lifetime Network this weekend.

The film tells the story of Jennifer (played by Jamie Luner) who flies to Buffalo to attend her daughter Katey's (played by Audrey Whitby) graduation at Buffalo State College. Jennifer is hurrying through the busy airport while arguing on the phone with her estranged husband, Robert, who is also coming to town for the graduation. In the midst of a heated phone conversation, Jennifer grabs the wrong black suitcase from baggage claim, and eventually receives a phone call from a man (played by Steven Brand) who threatens to harm her daughter if she doesn't follow specific instructions to return the bag. It becomes clear that this man is willing to kill to recover his belongings.

"A Mother's Revenge" will air on the Lifetime Network...

  • Saturday May 7th at 8PM
  • Sunday May 8th at 12AM
  • Saturday, May 21st at 6PM