No parent is going to want to hear this, but a new Canadian study says that lying children are really just developing their intelligence. The research was done at Toronto University's Institute of Child Study, looking at 1,200 children aged 2 to 17.

The children were told not to a look at a toy placed behind their backs as they left a room. Their actions were video-recorded. Then they were asked if they had looked, and their answers compared with the recordings.

Researchers discovered only 20 % of two-year-olds were able to lie about their actions. But by the time they reached the age of 4, 90% of children could fib!  Dr. Kang Lee, director of the Institute, calls the ability to lie a "developmental milestone", and says parents shouldn't worry if they catch their child in an occasional lie.

Do you agree, or do even one or two lies make you worry? Do you think lying is just a part of a child's development, or a behavior that needs to be discouraged? We're curious what you think. Please join the conversation here, or on our Facebook page.