Founding father George Washington may not have been able to tell a lie, but the same can’t be said for our nation’s other parents.

A new survey has found that 84% of parents in the US lie to their kids in order to make them behave. Truthfully, though, that’s downright fantastic, compared to the 98% of Chinese parents who fib to their kids in an attempt to keep them on their best behavior.

People with kids in both countries seem to tell the same lie most often. When a child is throwing a temper tantrum, his mother or father will say they are leaving if the kid doesn’t start behaving.

That’s not the end of it, though. Parents in the US and China also lie about buying a toy in exchange for good behavior, as well as skipping out on the truth when it comes to food, spending money and poor behavior.

Parents in the States will also go all Pinocchio on their offspring when it comes to telling the truth about fictional characters, like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

So, it’s time to come clean about why parents leave honesty in the dust when dealing with their rugrats. One parent summed it up pretty well by saying, “Most of the lies I’ve told my children are last resorts and out of despair. If I could get them to do what I’m asking another way, I would.”

Ain't that the truth.