Ladies and gentlemen [and mostly ladies], I get the fashion thing. I understand that the fashionistas out there will do whatever it takes to wear the latest styles. But when "whatever it takes" involves injections to permit wearing the new, higher high heels, isn't it time to say nuh-uh?

In case you haven't noticed, the heels on women's shoes are getting higher. As early as three years ago [and at several points over the years before that], doctors warned women to cut back on the height of their heels. They also went on record against having medical proceedures to make wearing the sky-high shoes more attractive [including injection of filler into the balls of the feet, and plastic surgery on toes] despite the fact that such proceedures do more damage to women's feet [scarring, infections, and nerve damage, just to name a few] than help them wear heels more easily.

Despite the warnings, women are still having the surgeries [indeed, a British report says requests for filler injections have doubled in the lasdt year]

Here's a report on the problem:


Is surgery or injections worth wearing skyscraper shoes? Take a moment, please, and give us your opinion: