Last night on FX Networks was the season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke. I was anything but impressed with how it ended, let alone this entire season. This season gave us a completely different vibe and style from any of it's predecessors. Things were very different from other seasons and it started that way even with how they revealed this seasons theme.

Normally in the past American Horror Story show creator Ryan Murphy, would announce the next seasons theme (Asylum, Freak Show, Hotel) as well as the cast returning in the summer. But for season 6 it was all about the mystery. It started with a mysterious logo change for the shows social media accounts. The logo was a simple number 6 with a question mark.


From there the network released dozens of show teasers promoting the 6th and upcoming season of the show! The video teasers once again contained the "?6" logo but different variations of its font style, as well as different possible themes for the mysterious season. Soon after mass confusion about the teaser videos, Ryan Murphy announced that only one of the many promos were actually related to the theme for the new season.

The episode begins where were introduced to a tv show called "
My Roanoke Nightmare". The AHS actors were playing characters of real life people on a a reality show sharing their story while the other AHS actors played reenactment actors. The idea was to give you the feeling that you were watching documentary tv show, in which you were learning real life peoples stories while they also had it reenacted. To be honest I wasn't thrilled at first with this concept for a new AHS season. The documentary theme has been so many time on television/film and didn't seem up to par with the quality of previous AHS themes. However I decided to give the entire season a shot.  


The show maintained the documentary theme until episode 6, just past the halfway point for the season. That's when the big plot twist was revealed. The twist was that we had just watched "My Roanoke Nightmare" a hit tv show, and now due to its success we were going to watch the shows sequel. The sequel would be called "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" in which the actors from "My Roanoke Nightmare" and their real life counter parts would all return to the haunted home to live together for 3 days during the "blood moon" (The most haunted time of year). Not only were they to all live together in the home for 3 days but there would be hidden cameras surrounding the house to watch and capture their every move.

Cool concept when you read it, but AHS's delivery on it was a different matter. They had Sarah Paulson (AHS regular) who had played earlier in the season one of the reenactment actors, come back and play the real life actress with a British accent.

*Fun fact Sarah Paulson is horrible at a British accent.*


This plot twist began what would be the rest of an extremely campy, corny, pointless season. The rest of the season was immediately anticlimactic the moment the end of the episode 6 informed us that everyone but one person would die in the second season. From there the acting quality went downhill, the plot seemed dragged on, and it was obnoxiously graphic for no real reason.


What started off as just an okay season... dragged out be a pretty for me. I have read mixed reviews on the season overall, and I'm curious what you think! Let me know in the comments. Did you enjoy American Horror Story: Roanoke ?