Today, July 25, almost always deserves some kind of celebration – for whatever reason, mass media has deemed it "Christmas in July".  Who are we to bark at tradition?

Especially when YOU had a chance to open his GIANT gift, a $300 package stuffed with TONS of concert tickets and other awesome Mix 96 stuff!

Today we had a visit from our own resident Elf On the Shelf; and as he does, he popped up all over Buffalo, starting with the studio...

Townsquare Media / LD

Then he brought his hi-jinx to the hall.

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He made his way to the boss's office...

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...and promptly took advantage of the situation.

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It was time for him to scamper off to his secret spot.  We asked him yes/no questions, and let you guess where he was:

  • Is it in Erie County? YES
  • Do they serve food there? YES
  • Is it family-friendly? YES
  • Do they play music there? YES

After a few guesses, we had to get more specific:

  • Do famous people go there? YES
  • Is it free to get in? NO
  • Is it a concert venue? YES
  • Is it near water/lake? NO
  • Are there fairs held there? NO
  • Is it sports related? YES
  • Is it downtown? NO
    *the answer is below*

All those questions, really tuckered out our little guy...

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After all was said and done, our 25th caller, Tam, a U.B. student, guessed correctly – he was at THE RALPH!

Tam won:

  • Tickets to Maroon 5
  • Tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls
  • Tickets to Josh Groban
  • Passes to Fantasy Island
  • Passes to the Attica Rodeo
  • Movie passes
  • Eternal bragging rights, and never being able to say "I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!" again! :)