I posed a question on Facebook the other day, wondering what is the best advice *teachers* have for both parents *and* kids for a successful return to school.

Here's some of their advice:

"Start the year off with a positive note/email/call, with parents. Don't let Parent/Teacher conferences or a problem be the first time you speak with them. Letting them know that you value their input and want to work with them together to make it a great year for their child goes a long way."  -Jaela Matthews, 2nd Grade Teacher

"Creating an environment where there is trust and confidence by listening to students' ideas."  -Lori Bakos Kubik, Professor

"Do your best to avoid power struggles- you will not win. Treat your students the way you'd want your child's teacher to treat your own child. I teach 6th graders very differently now that I have middle schoolers at home."  -Angela Gramza, 6th Grade Teacher

"Take the time and effort to really get to know your students, their families, and their communities. Work on building strong relationships with them as well as everyone in your building."  -Brooke Grant, Professor

"A successful school year is when we do our best to inspire each student to learn a little and grow a little each day, be thankful, kind to others , get rest and take good care of themselves."  -Rich Jacob, athletic director and coach

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