WIVB is expecting some Yucky weather for WNY.  So, How about staying in with one of Paul Newman's Coolest movies?

Yep, if you have Neflix, 1967's "Cool Hand Luke," just got added.

This is the film, where you can't help but smile when you catch this moment. "What we have here is--failure to communicate."

But there are so many choice moments in this film about a petty criminal Luke Jackson (Paul Newman) who is sentenced to a Florida prison farm for two years.  Luke's stint goes horribly wrong when he comes up against the cruelest of wardens.  A warden that is relentless in trying to break Luke's spirit.

This is one of those films where you can't imagine another actor in the role. Newman is so subtle, quiet in his movements at times; yet exudes such strength through his voice or just a glance.

Plus, this movie might actually be the perfect film for this cold weekend, since the film just sizzles with heat-literally.  Thanks to a great cinematographer Conrad Hall, we see the sweat of the prisoners, and the dust clinging to just about everything.  You almost need a cold lemonade while viewing.

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg, this is possibly one of Newman's best.