An article in the NY Times says we've got a new rule of cell phone etiquette to adhere to.

(In addition to NEVER USING YOUR CELL AT THE DINNER TABLE.  But I digress....)

Apparently, you should only leave a voicemail if it's a life-or-death emergency (slight exaggeration, I'm sure).  Otherwise, you should just hang up and send a text summarizing what you needed to say.

The theory is that leaving a voicemail is actually a burden to the other person, because they have to go through several button-pushing voice prompts to actually GET to the voice mail, versus just being able to read a simple text.

As we've discussed on the Joy Morning Rush, my father gets a little nutso with the phone. He'll call and leave a voicemail, and if I don't return it within 10 minutes, he'll call again. Then text. Then call again. And it goes on like this for hours.

He also signs texts "Love, Dad." But that's an entirely separate topic....

Does this new etiquette rule make sense to you?  What are YOUR pet peeves about cell phone etiquette?

PS: I couldn't resist....because it's been in my head since 7:23 a.m. today.  So here, now it's in yours.

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