I'm taking a quick mini-vaca before the holiday season really gets into full gear. So last night I went to Target for 3 mini-bottles of shampoo.

No matter what, Target is my $100 store.  Meaning, no matter what item(s) I go in for, I walk out spending a MINIMUM of $100, every single time.

It's so easy to do...especially when something has an orange or red price tag on it.  Somehow that just makes it seem like the item is THAT much cheaper.

Moment Editorial/Getty Images

When I put this out there, SO many of you said Target was also your guilty pleasure, but you also pointed out:

  • Christmas Tree Shops
  • Dollar Store / Dollar Tree
  • Home Depot
  • Michael's
  • Walmart

The text line also showed:

Carey / Lockport: My $100 store is without a doubt Hobby Lobby! I crochet and especially around this time of year I like to make handcrafted gifts for my family members and a lot of times all they give me is a color to work with so I walk down the aisle and a lot of times I'm like this is a pretty color or the texture of this one is absolutely fantastic and before you know it I have an entire cart full of yarn. My shopping there has been so bad, that one day I went in literally to buy one skein of red yarn and walked out a hundred and sixty dollars later

Aaron / Buffalo: My 100 store is PetSmart. My girlfriend and I own a dog, cat, chinchilla, rabbit, 2 guinea pigs, a hamster, and 3, 50 gallon fish tanks. Lots of maintenance with bedding and food Plus all of the pet cloths and toys really get you.

Peggy / Lockport: My $100 store. Bath and Body Peggy

Michele / North Buffalo: Good Morning. My 100.00 store is BJs.

What's YOUR $100 store?