In honor of 7-1-6 day on Sunday (7/16), Val and I are spending each day naming something that we love about Buffalo.  Today's love is one that is at times tumultuous, but we always go back to it - our sports teams!


In what can only be described as a dysfunctional relationship, our professional sports franchises give us joy and pain on an almost daily basis.  Our Bills have been to the mountain top and the outhouse, and everywhere in between.  Our Sabres have followed suit, and yet we just cannot get enough!


Now before anyone panics I am including the Bandits in this as well.  They have actually had a lot of success, but unfortunately that doesn't give us much street cred nationally.  Still, they are fun to watch and we support them with as much intensity as we do our Bills and Sabres.

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Being a fan of our teams is special.  There is just something about them that keeps us coming back.  They represent us, and our town has such an underdog attitude that we feel like it's us against the world.  Passing on this love to the next generation is what growing up in Buffalo is all about!


If you haven't been to a Bills home opener, or a playoff game (a playoff game is what happens after the season ends when you win enough; this is a joke but legitimately there are 17 year olds walking around who have no idea what it's like) you haven't lived. If you didn't stand with the thousands of people outside of the Arena when the Sabres pushed for the cup, you missed out.


Those days will be back at some point, but for now we can just pass on the stories of what it means to be a fan of the City of Buffalo to our kids.  Win or lose we stick by them and it gives us a great appreciation of our home.  Someday we will get a championship in the 7-1-6!