As Apple is about to launch their latest iPhone creation, I am stuck with the age old question - what should I do??  To the naked eye it seems like an easy answer, but there are many factors involved.


First off, I am not the new technology guy.  I like to wait for the bugs to be worked out before committing the money it costs to have the newest toy.  With that said, the new iPhone 8 sounds legit and you really can't go wrong...except that it is expected to cost $1000+.


The iPhone 7 is still a superior phone and a major upgrade from what I have now.  The biggest thing I need is the space and this phone offers 256 GB so that solves that issue. But it's not the newest...and we are days away from the newest.


So what do I do?  Do I shell out a grand for a phone or get the next best thing.  Or do I just deal with what I have and try and get it fixed?