Competition is rigorous especially when it comes to sports, as the Olympics has most recently shown us. But what if the competition involves family members?

The Hall sisters are competitive, but the sense of competing is what fuels them.

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Each sister brings their unique effort and ability...

"I think Ellana is the most competitive. Yeah, I think Ellana is the most competitive. Kimaya is the goofy one. Lanée is the fast one," Lanée said.

The sisters are relatively close in age. Ellana is 13. Then 14-year-old Kimaya, 15-year-old Amari, Lanée is 16.

It was just recently that all of the Hall sisters started competing together.

According to WGRZ-TV they took first place at their Class A Championship at West Seneca West.

The track coach at Sweet Home Lari MacPeek said the coach from the other team even congratulated them following the competition.

Experts say sibling rivalry can become unhealthy when it leads to a win-at-all-costs mindset interfering with family functioning and can lead to sports burnout and eventually drop out. Families that compete should focus on fun, skill development, and teamwork.

What these sisters do is truly unique, MacPeek says...

"Not to say that it doesn't exist, but I'm just not aware of it. To have four sisters who are all competing at a varsity level, and to have the diverse range in ages is incredible. That varsity placement test is not easy," MacPeek said.

The four are now each growing in their sport together.

Next year, you can expect to see the girls exercising their abilities on the track together again.

It's not only that they are great teammates, they're relationships as sisters is better for the experience too.

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