Have you ever wondered if you are a "good wife" or if your husband makes the cut?

Well, an old marriage test from 1939 is circulating online.  Its goal is to tell you if you're being a good husband or wife.  But most of the tips don't translate very well to current standards.

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Now here are a few signs you're a good WIFE by 1939 standards:  You always serve dinner on time . . .  get dressed up for breakfast . . . you're a good housekeeper . . . you always put the kids to bed . . . you run any big purchases by your husband first . . . and you let him sleep in on the weekends.

Some signs you might NOT be a good wife include:  Not liking kids . . . . . . letting your cold feet touch him under the covers . . . getting jealous . . . and wearing red nail polish.

According to the test some of the signs that you are actually a good husband, again by 1939 standards:  "You're nice to her friends . .  you're kind to her, even if no one's watching (What?). . . you ask for her opinion sometimes . . . you let her drive the car if she needs it . . . and you read the paper out loud to her."

A few signs your husband doesn't cut the mustard include:  Flirting in front of you . . . comparing you to your mom, or previous wives . . . talking about how life was better before you got married . .  and criticizing you in public.

Now, don't kill the messenger...I personally don't believe in ANY of the aforementioned items or traits, and if I ever suggested any of these to my partner would probably be wearing this computer as a hat. (joking)


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