We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, and therefore we spend a lot of time dreaming!  The experts say we may spend as many as six years total in our lifetime in our dreams.  Great, if you dream about winning the lottery or a long lost friend!  Not so great if your being chased, falling or naked!  What does it all mean?

The folks at DreamMoods.com say we all dream, but we forget about 90-percent of our dreams.  Some of the most common dreams and their interpretations involve the following:

Dreaming you are naked.  This may mean you are feeling vulnerable or have been caught off guard in some way. 

Dreaming you are being chased.  This symbolizes anxiety over something in your life.  It may also mean you are running away from something in your waking hours.

Dreaming your teeth are falling out.  Again, this symbolized anxiety but this time over your appearance.

Dreaming you are flying.  This type of dream may mean you are on top or have risen above something, gained new perspective.

Dreaming your are falling. This dream may mean you have insecurities about something in your life. 

Dreaming you are taking a test.  This is an easy interpretation, it means you feel as though you are being put to a test.

These dreams and interpretations are some of the most common, but there are many more meanings and other dreams as well.  Check out DreamMoods.com for more dream interpretations.