According to a new survey, 4 out of 10 people say they regret how they've lived their life so far.

“All of us will die one day – none of us know when that time might come, and none of us want to have regrets about what we’ve missed out on or how we’ve lived our lives,” comments Deborah James, a founding member of You, Me and the Big C, a BBC podcast on fighting cancer, in a statement.  “This research is a really interesting wake up call to get us to think about how we want to spend our time now and to lay foundations for those that come after us.”


The biggest regrets included...

1.  Not traveling more.

2.  Working too much.

3.  Not spending enough time with their family.

4.  Not taking better care of their health.

5.  Not being a better parent.

(Study Finds)