Teachers?  You've got to be the most tolerant, patient, and dedicated people I know.  Day in and day out you're dealing with other people's kids (while you probably have your own to deal with too!) and trying to keep it cool. It can't be easy!

You've probably heard some pretty wacky things come out of those kids' mouths, especially if you're a pre-school, elementary, or even middle-school teacher!

I stumbled upon a Reddit discussion asking "What's the most stupid question a student ever asked you?" (the grammar might not be great there, but hey, we're just havin some fun...btw, there's some "language" in the link, just so you know.)

We put it out there to YOU, the Buffalo area teachers, and under anonymity besides your first name (ie no school, district, or student's names) and here's some of what we heard....