In 1975, the first "Pepsi Challenge" was issued.  I can't help but think that was the first shot across the bow that began the civil war of soda, igniting "the cola wars". It tore the country in half (dramatic pause...).

It carried on through the early 80s, and if you ever participated in it, you thought you were SO COOL when they handed you that little flimsy "pin" that was a flexible, tin circle that said "I took the Pepsi Challenge" and a bendable tab you hooked over your shirt collar.  If you were REALLY special, ya got a shirt. (Have I mentioned I never throw anything away?)

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For some reason, the pop-debate was re-opened recently.  And now, there's science to back up why the majority of people DID prefer Pepsi in a blind taste test.

Pepsi is sweeter than Coke, and has a slight citrus flavor...but that's a BURST when you first drink it.  You take one sip, and those two flavors (sweet, citrus) slam your taste buds, immediately delighting them.

But as you drink the rest, that burst goes away, and the sweetness becomes too much.

With Coke, it's smoother, less sweet, and has a hint of vanilla.  As you drink that can, it tastes better and better.

So Pepsi wins in taste tests, but people prefer Coke overall.

Resume your life.

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