If you walk down Chippewa early on a Sunday morning, you're bound to run into a Red Bull can or two...whether from the kids getting all hyped up on it the night before or from those trying to RECOVER from the night before.

Red Bull knows where their bread is buttered, and they've launched a contest called "Can You Make It".  165 teams from over 50 countries will have seven days to travel across Europe....their only currency: cans of Red Bull.

UB students Jacob Dixon, Chris Komin and George Gombert are currently in second place with their team, "Queen City".  Four teams will be chosen from the eastern portion of the state, and they're second out of 40!

All three are part of UB's Outdoor Adventure Club, and their peers said they were perfect for the contest, since they're all about climbing and hiking.

This contest is a scavenger-hunt of sorts, with Gombert saying, "...where you're only allowed to trade Red Bull for other items, so you're not allowed money or cell phones or anything like that. It's just Red Bull, and you see how far you can go."

If they are selected to go to Europe, they will have one week to travel through the continent, completing various challenges and going through at least six checkpoints.

They must surrender their own phones, money, and cards in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull...and that's what they have to use for currency! Rides, food, shelter...all paid for with their Red Bull supply.

Voting ends February 25th...lets help them get there!