Here it is folks, the gift ideas for the most important person in your life...the BOSS!  Don't screw this up, it could be the difference between the Penthouse and the Outhouse!


Val Townsend and Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for the Boss:

1. Donation - Your boss most likely out earns you by a decent margin so material things may not be the way to go.  How about making them all warm and fuzzy and donating to a charity in their name.  It's easy to do, tax deductible, and no one can argue with that as a gift!

2. Clutch bag/tie - Depending on the sex of your boss, a hand bag or a tie could be a nice gift for that person in charge in your life.  You don't have to go crazy with the price, Vera Bradley makes some inexpensive bags for the ladies, and a tie can be moderately priced as well.

3. Favorite Coffee - Now this doesn't mean buy a Tim Horton's gift card.  Go the extra mile, like you don't do at work, and get your boss a bag of their favorite coffee.

4. Cool Desk Item - This is where you can have some fun and get a cool paper weight, personalized desk sign, pen holder, etc.  These gifts can range in price so you don't have to break the bank.  Odds are your Boss didn't when they hired you.

5. Coffee Mug - Chances are your Boss drinks coffee or at least has something to settle the nerves in their coffee cup.  This might be your only opportunity to get them the 'World's Greatest Boss' mug.

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