Like most people in WNY, I had a bitter sweet night last night watching the Patriots get blasted at home.  Anytime Tom Brady looks weak and lost is a great day right? Normally yes, but of course they lost to the 1 team we need to have lose all season - the Kansas City Chiefs.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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Ultimately none of this matters (even though watching Stephon Gilmore get toasted for a long touchdown was magical), because the Bills have to take care of their own business...and history tells us they won't.  Nevertheless, the season is here and with it comes my season prediction.


Overall the season doesn't look too promising, but with what happened last night, anything is possible.  Technically we will be in first place all alone with a win on Sunday. Nobody predicted that!

**Disclaimer: I'm a huge Bills fan so don't write me letters about how I bash the Bills.  Trust me, I wish none of this was true!

  • Week 1: Home against the JETS - This should be the most winnable game on the schedule. Good news, if we win we are in first!  Bad news, if we lose we might go 0-16.  BILLS WIN 1-0
  • Week 2: Road against Carolina - This is a tricky game because we won't know what the Bills look like until week 1.  With that said, I don't think it ends well for us.  BILLS LOSE 1-1
  • Week 3: Home against Denver - I really want to win this one because I have Bronco friends coming to the game.  With that said, wishing for the Bills to win has never worked.  BILLS LOSE 1-2
  • Week 4: Road against Atlanta - Atlanta is probably the only other team that hates the Patriots as much as we do.  They are on a revenge mission this season and will take out their Superbowl loss against us.  BILLS LOSE 1-3
  • Week 5: Road against Cincinnati - After dropping 3 in a row, we do what the Bills do when no one expects it!  BILLS WIN 2-3
  • Week 6: BYE - Hey, at least we can't lose!
  • Week 7: Home against Tampa - This is going to be a tough game that doesn't end well for our Bills...also known as Sundays during Fall.  BILLS LOSE 2-4
  • Week 8: Home against Raiders - See week 7 and multiply it by 10.  BILLS LOSE 2-5
  • Week 9: Road against JETS - Finally a break in the schedule right?!?  Wrong.  Unfortunately our team is broke at this point and too many key players are out.  JETS nip us with a late Field Goal.  BILLS LOSE 2-6
  • Week 10: Home against New Orleans - Bring on the Bills magic!  We win this one and can't figure out how.  That's how we do!  BILLS WIN 3-6
  • Week 11: Road against Chargers - Does the magic carry over to a second game??  I think it does.  Mostly because the Chargers get injured more than we do!  BILLS WIN 4-6
  • Week 12: Road against Kansas City - Can we make it 3 in a row and be in the hunt??  Nope.  BILLS LOSE 4-7
  • Week 13: Home against New England - We've seen how this plays out.  BILLS LOSE 4-8
  • Week 14: Home against Indianapolis - The hope Bills show up once again so that we can be a part of the playoff picture.  BILLS WIN 5-8
  • Week 15: Home against Miami - I love squishing the fish, and on this day we do!  2 in a row baby!!  BILLS WIN 6-8
  • Week 16: Road against New England - Our miracle playoff run ends here with a Christmas Eve massacre.  I hate Tom Brady and his stupid chin.  BILLS LOSE 6-9
  • Week 17: Road against Miami - We wrap up the season with a New Year's Eve loss to the Phins.  We drink the night away to forget the season and the next day starts anew!  BILLS LOSE 6-10


In summation, the Bills finish 6-10 and Kansas City finishes 9-7, giving us 2 first round picks that are not as low as we would like.  We go the draft, get the quarterback of our dreams and instantly become contenders...and then he pulls his MCL in training camp. GO BILLS!

Bills Sunday