It's Throwback Thursday where we like to dive into our past and pluck out some of the memories that made it so fun.  Today's piece of nostalgia are board games.  Long before tablets, iPhones, and 10 different gaming counsels there were board games to win bragging rights!


The only swiping you did on a board game was to wipe the dust off.  Rarely was there anything electronic, as the game was made up of cardboard, paper, dice, and a spinner. Somehow it was amazing and gave you hours of fun, unless you had to win then it just gave you high blood pressure.


Do you remember that person (we all knew them, and some of us were them) who would get all red faced, stomping through the house and breaking stuff...all because they landed on Park Place with hotels on it.  Yeah, the good old days!  If pieces weren't being thrown you weren't playing right.  You can't throw tablets, those things are a car payment!


We went back into the archives and pulled some of our favorites from the '80s and '90s. Here is our Top 10 list of Best Old School Board Games:

  1. Monopoly - Legend has it that President Trump's father is the Monopoly Man (Rich Uncle Pennybags).
  2. Mall Madness - Economists have concluded that this is where the tendency to accumulate Credit Card debt originated from.
  3. Girl Talk - This was the closest thing to a cell phone for girls in the '80s.
  4. Trouble - This was a game so popular that Taylor Swift wrote a song about it 20 years later.
  5. Finders Keepers - I still live by this rule.
  6. Headache - Similar to Trouble, this game lived up to it's name.
  7. Chutes and Ladders - One of the greatest games all time if you are under 7.
  8. Mouse Trap - Life lessons on how to survive were taught in this game.
  9. Guess Who - It's now called Tinder.
  10. Life - The only thing realistic about this game is that it wasn't fair.